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In today’s media environment, there are so many options for brands to consider. Choosing can somewhat be overwhelming because it’s not just the tool of choice, it’s the ease of messaging, management and monitoring.

This month two local social media thought leaders will talk about social media tools, which to use, why and what’s important. Join us on this momentous day – 11/11/11 – for great information exchange by Michelle Ton and Keri Jaehnig while having a little 11/11 fun in the process.

About our speakers
Michelle Ton is a graduate from The Ohio State University. She is the social media and lead nurturing manager for Teradata Corporation. In addition to her marketing role, she lends her free time to being the web development lead for upDayton’s Internship Committee, being a co-host of New Media Dayton’s weekly tweetchat (#NMDChat), and helping run her family’s local nail salon.

Her passion for good food and high fashion are prominent themes in her personal blog at You can also follow her on Twitter @michellenton.

Keri Jaehnig works with small businesses, non-profits, and political candidates to leverage blogs and social media tools to connect with their target audiences. Keri’s forte is engaging followers and establishing relationships that drive revenues. A certified Facebook marketer and certified social media strategist, she has been featured by AOL Small Business. Her clients include international corporations, retailers, financial advisors, real estate developers, political committees, tourism destinations and others. My collaborators are worldwide.

She has a Business Administration degree with additional training in Non-profit Development.  She’s spent 14 years of  connecting people globally. Keri has served as an Executive Board member for her local American Red Cross chapter, and collaborated on several non-profit committees.  At a time when a regional anchor employer discontinued 8,000 jobs in her small town of Wilmington, Ohio, she raised more than $30,000 in 6 weeks for the local family YMCA.  As a candidate for her local Board of Education in 2005, she was the first in her county to use Email Marketing for political campaigning.

You can learn more about Keri by visiting her website: or follow her on Twitter @ideagirlmedia.

#NMDChat Top Responses: Importance of SM in Education

How important do you think it is for social media to be incorporated into school curiculuum?

And at what age should it begin?

Should there be formal classes to teach all or just strategy & implementation? Or….learn as you go?

Here is some insight into the top responses on some of these questions and the importance of social media in educational curiculuum. The full script can be found here.


Q1: How important is #sm to you, your job, your future?

  • #sm is ebbing into education, research, employment & marketing – Those that ignore risk irrelevance in a short time (@connectyou)
  • #SM is a huge, being a student in marketing and seeing the trends go toward #sm it is vital that I know #sm to stay relevant (@JakeDCrawford)
  • I think it is important for all … some just have a direct responsibility.  (@RickCartwright)
  • @JakeDCrawford I’m the same way, I was part of the first #sm #marketing classes at Miami University my last semester of college. (@bellorz)
  • SM is revolutionizing my profession — setting new standards and expectations. Beyond immediacy, it also increases accountability. (@gchristDBJ)

Q2: What kind of education have you received on #SM?

  • Social Media Examiner’s Success Summits, An #sm manager course, Periodic webinars & old school #marketing (@connectyou)
  • Marketing degree from Miami University, had a class dedicated completely to #sm #marketing. Lots of learning as you go. (@bellorz)
  • SM has very little value for sbo’s unless   the marketing “big picture” equation is in place (@NikkiSwisher1)
  • none. Just figuring it out myself as I go along (@JBalloonist)
  • “@vickioneill: @WilsonAdv  Many thought leaders. To name a few @Chrisbrogan (all) @howellmarketing (strat) @cryderja (auto) (@HowellMarketing)

Q3: How important do you think it is to incorporate digital media into education curiculuum?

  • Important, but more important to have someone that understands the topic giving instruction (@connectyou)
  • It is super important to incorporate #sm within education: I love this infographic @mashabletech @mashable (@BDIOnline)
  • On average, how much of your day do you spend self educating on SM just to keep up? A vicious cycle but one we are all in. (@WilsonAdv)
  • I think this is hugely important. If you were studying to be a doc, you need to know the latest medical tools available (@jonmikelbailey)
  • Digital Marketing  college integration is as critical to curriculum as Business Ed is… we live in the Info / Technology age (@NikkiSwisher1)

Q4: For who and when is it important to learn about #SM?

  • For all and now. it has permeated our culture in all aspects, even if you hate it, you should have an understanding of it (@jonmikelbailey)
  • Everyone really should try & engage at some point if not already.  You really have to be conscious about making time to learn. (@MichelleNTon)
  • It’s imp to everyone – #sm is a great resource for building/sharing knowledge about your profession (@NowellVanHoesen)
  • It’s important for everyone to know #sm. The degree of “what” they need to know differs by person.  (@vickioneill)
  • In our industry I would say yes to everyone, but outside the industry not so much, its the job of the ones in it to educate (@JakeDCrawford)

Q5: How do you educate the local businesses about #SM?

  • #tweetups can help to show the power of #sm (@NowellVanHoesen)
  • Use technology to demonstrate the value & benefits. Learning digital requires non traditional thinking, teaching & learning.  (@vickioneill)
  • Blogging, email, Facebook community, one-on-one – And invite to #NMDayton! 😀 (@connectyou)
  • If you are in the position to, be a resource, host discussion sessions, tweetchats, seminars, write blog posts, etc (@jonmikelbailey)

Q6: What are some local ways to be educated right now? We have #nmdayton but are their others?

  • MediaPost, HubSpot, SocialFresh, Mashable Also, follow @chrisbrogan, @marketingprofs, @cc_chapman, @hubspot, @ambernaslund, @jaybaer, @smexaminer  (@jonmikelbailey)
  • Leverage your network and tap into each other in their area of expertise. We can’t be experts at everything 🙂 (@vickioneill)
  • RT @jonmikelbailey A6 MediaPost, HubSpot, SocialFresh, Mashable + @smexaminer & tweetchats, SBA offices, chambers (@connectyou)

Q7: Should there be more involvement (or creation of) digital media certifications?

  • Things change too quickly to be able to come up with the criteria (@NowellVanHoesen)
  • Def more involvement – certification? possibly, it would have to be updated annually imho (@natedriver)
  • It would be hard to keep up with the changing technology, to certify someone and then have that become dated overnight, hmm (@jonmikelbailey)
  • Perhaps for beginners (motivation, progression), particular professions (where  required/ needed to be seen as thought leader) (@vickioneill)

#NMDChat Top Responses: Location Services

New Media Dayton held the first of many weekly Tweet chats. Our first topic was Location Services such as Foursquare, Gowalla, SCVNGR, Facebook Places, etc. The majority of those actively involved in the discussion prefer Foursquare over the others however there were some uses of other apps. Check out the below that highlights responses for each of the four questions:

Q1. What’s your favorite location base service and why?

  • I’m huge on @foursquare. Love me some mayorships and badges!  @MichelleNTon
  • @FourSquare no doubt #4sq is not perfect but seems to making lots of upgrades and I love my Syracuse 44 badge! @ggarvin
  • I like using FourSquare, but I like using check-in w/ Facebook. Much easier to tag people ie almost everyone has fb @dhartzler10
  • I prefer @FourSquare since they’ve made updates/changes.  Wish Facebook’s #geolocation options were better, I like tagging ppl @lmbryant
  • I’ve used @Gowalla for some time now. @shanadouglas

Q2. Why do you think smart phone users aren’t using these apps?

  • I don’t use the apps simply because I don’t have enough time to add one more thing to my already-full plate. @MindyC7609
  • My battery does okay with the GPS, but the app has some freezing issues for my old schoole #blackberry @MichelleNTon
  • There’s a limit on how much people want their lives tracked, ; “I checked in at Starbucks” isn’t interesting @Brad_Lovett
  • I would say memory &/or battery use. Also the idea that someone might use a posting to stalk or burgle a user.  @markduddridge
  • Privacy, some people don’t like to broadcast their every move @NowellVanHoesen

Q3. What’s the best use for location based social networks?

  • Using “check in” specials as a way to attract customers to your business.  @bellorz
  • I think it’s about discovering new places and getting the tips from others.  @MichelleNTon
  • Whoever wins this #location game will be who can capture the attention of “normal” users – we are not the norm. @carlaweishale
  • It’s not to be a stalker! lol jk Best use is immediate reach for on-demand deal redemption (when available). @vickioneill

Q4. How often do you receive some sort of incentive from a checkin? Then how often do you redeem it?

  • I have never earned a loyalty #4sq perk. Received a discount as a #mayor once. @bryansuddith
  • Frequently, but too many cheap trinkets to bother @mcdougallmarcom
  • @RadioShack offers good checkin discounts @eebrockman
  • Don’t recall earning, let alone redeeming, a #4sq perk. Would definitely redeem 1; unsure I’d go out of my way to earn 1 tho’. @markduddridge
  • Some #4sq users are all about using it to find deals, others only use it as a game against their friends to collect points. @bellorz

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Our topic 7/28/11: Google+ vs. Facebook.

The Hope Foundation Sponsors July Event!

The Hope Foundation of Greater DaytonAfter only two years, The Hope Foundation of Greater Dayton has grown from distributing groceries to a handful of households to over 700 monthly in Greene and Montgomery Counties in Ohio. They distribute more than TEN TONS of Foodbank food EVERY MONTH through their mobile food pantry. Each household receives two bags of groceries and 5 lbs of meat. (A $40.00 donation allows Hope to access 1,000 lbs of food!) Volunteers prep, bag and distribute food every week through outreaches in Dayton, Huber Heights, Beavercreek/Kettering, Fairborn, Cedarville and Jamestown. Hope plans to expand into Xenia, Yellow Springs and Spring Valley in the near future.

Hope is currently an all-volunteer organization that partners with churches, schools and other organizations to make a difference. They recently received a grant from CareSource Foundation allowing them to computerize their operation, eliminating paperwork for those they are serving!

“The tough economy has hit people pretty hard. People who have never had to visit a food pantry are finding themselves having to ask for help. Our job is to make that as easy as possible for them. For us, the food, as important as it is, is only a means to an end. That end is building relationship with the people we are serving… to restore people’s dignity… to listen to their story and offer encouragement.”

Scott Sliver (Sly-ver), Hope’s Executive Director loves social media! Scott’s background in advertising and non-profits gives him unique insights on building relationships, developing volunteers and empowering others.

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July 8 “There IS an app for that!”

Our mobile discussions continue!! Notice a trend? New Media Dayton might be on to something….hmmmmm…..

Another fantabulous May panelist, Bob McCarthy, will be engaging us with mobile apps and whether an app should be in your future business strategy.

About Our Presenter

Bob McCarthy is the President and CEO of ServiceWeb Systems, Inc. a software development and services company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is an IBM alum, where he was an executive that focused on mobile app development and server side applications for businesses.

ServiceWeb Systems is a mobile device and web development services company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. SWSI uses onshore and offshore resources to deliver custom smartphone and tablet apps quickly and cost effectively.

Follow and Tweet:   @servicewebsw

Connect and Skype: remccar226

Visit and engage: 

Join us for this educational presentation and opportunity to network with like-minded professionals.

New Media Dayton team