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In today’s media environment, there are so many options for brands to consider. Choosing can somewhat be overwhelming because it’s not just the tool of choice, it’s the ease of messaging, management and monitoring.

This month two local social media thought leaders will talk about social media tools, which to use, why and what’s important. Join us on this momentous day – 11/11/11 – for great information exchange by Michelle Ton and Keri Jaehnig while having a little 11/11 fun in the process.

About our speakers
Michelle Ton is a graduate from The Ohio State University. She is the social media and lead nurturing manager for Teradata Corporation. In addition to her marketing role, she lends her free time to being the web development lead for upDayton’s Internship Committee, being a co-host of New Media Dayton’s weekly tweetchat (#NMDChat), and helping run her family’s local nail salon.

Her passion for good food and high fashion are prominent themes in her personal blog at You can also follow her on Twitter @michellenton.

Keri Jaehnig works with small businesses, non-profits, and political candidates to leverage blogs and social media tools to connect with their target audiences. Keri’s forte is engaging followers and establishing relationships that drive revenues. A certified Facebook marketer and certified social media strategist, she has been featured by AOL Small Business. Her clients include international corporations, retailers, financial advisors, real estate developers, political committees, tourism destinations and others. My collaborators are worldwide.

She has a Business Administration degree with additional training in Non-profit Development.  She’s spent 14 years of  connecting people globally. Keri has served as an Executive Board member for her local American Red Cross chapter, and collaborated on several non-profit committees.  At a time when a regional anchor employer discontinued 8,000 jobs in her small town of Wilmington, Ohio, she raised more than $30,000 in 6 weeks for the local family YMCA.  As a candidate for her local Board of Education in 2005, she was the first in her county to use Email Marketing for political campaigning.

You can learn more about Keri by visiting her website: or follow her on Twitter @ideagirlmedia.

#NMDchat Top Responses: Google+ vs. Facebook

New Media Dayton held the 2nd #NMDchat with engagement focused on Google+ vs. Facebook. The outcome of this topic was G+ is still so new that not many have joined or spend much time test driving the FB competitor.

Highlights from #nmdchat plus links/resources for more info are below. For a complete list of all related tweets, click here.

Q1. Why did you want to start using Google+?

  • I wanted to get familiar with the newest social networking site. I was a little reluctant to learn a new one at first. @vosscaddy
  • All the cools kids were doing it, and I wanted to check out the hype @NowellVanHoesen
  • I like the idea for early adopters. These are the people that will utilize it for the real potential. @Joe19G27

 Q2.  What’s your primary use for G+? (games, hangouts, content sharing..)

  • Hangouts are cool. My primary use is content sharing. Most of my circles consist of who I follow on Twitter. @willmcg32
  • Networking and content sharing and ability to share content with different groups where appropriate. love the circle idea. @vosscaddy
  • I know it’s coming, but it would not upset me if games NEVER make it to G+. Love hangouts. @RickCartwright
  • Learning what the capabilities are and how they can make life/business better @NowellVanHoesen

Q3. Is your use of #Google+ different than #facebook?

  • Yes for me. FB is now my friends and family. G+ is my professional arena. @willmcg32
  • Yes, for me, FB is where I connect with “close” friends, Twitter is more “professional”, and G+ is starting to mix the two. @bellorz
  • Little bit I’ve used it some same, some different @Brad_Lovett

Q4. Do you think there are perceived “circle” trust issues?  I’m thinking along the lines of “meet the fockers.” Am I in your circle? Are you in mine? Are they the same level of recognition?

  • I don’t have any concerns about “circle” trust issues. I don’t think I have optimized my use of circles.  G+ Privacy: I tend to be very public & not uptight about it. I think google has done much better this time (vs. buzz launch) @RickCartwright
  • Not yet. Not adding anyone I don’t yet @Brad_Lovett
  • I don’t think so, I’m a lot like @RickCartwright, I haven’t really optimized the feature yet. @bellorz
  • It seems to me there always is a huge privacy discussion surrounding #facebook.  Why not apply that to any other social network? @MichelleNTon

Q5. Biz profiles are not allowed on #g+.  Are there any benefits for biz at all, or should they stick to FB? 

  • For now, I don’t think there is a benefit for a biz to be on G+. the general consumer isn’t on there like they are on FB @willmcg32
  • Biz will benefit in depending on how they use G+ to connect @NowellVanHoesen
  • There will be biz profiles, but for now, I don’t see a big reason for business. Are your customers on G+? If not, don’t go @Brad_Lovett

Q6.  If there are no real benefits right now, should companies still keep watch on Google+? And what should they be watching for?

  • Yes! 1) Business accounts and advertising will some to G+ (darn). 2) content will be indexed / searchable (value).  @RickCartwright
  • Having the power to segment your customers in to circles will be huge. There is so much that can be done with that @bellorz
  • Being able to send a targeted message to an individual circle will be a huge plus for biz’s. No more generalized messages. @bellorz (that’s right – he got 2 mentions on this one! J)

Q7. Is there room for G+ in the digital world (personal or biz)? How will the diff platforms evolve and survive?

  • Its gonna be hard to pull the non-techys over to G+, people dont care enough to switch they have everything they want on FB  @JakeDCrawford
  • I don’t see it as a zero sum game .. networks have unique DNA and community. Short term, little impact.  @RickCartwright
  • G+ isn’t going anywhere. I don’t think FB is either. Twitter might be at risk though. My $.02 @MichelleNTon @willmcg32
  • I’d like to see G+ become the “new” FB 4 personal & business use. Circles are key. unless FB adds circles then who wins? @vosscaddy
  • Exactly! RT @mikestenger Like a segmented email list, just more social. @bellorz

Additional links/research:

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To keep the conversation going….comment on blog post by @vickioneill on the topic:
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Informal Coffee Meetup! THIS Friday, Dec 3rd, 8AM

Everyone invited! This is an informal coffee meetup, no guest speakers, no agenda…just coffee! We’ll gather at 8AM this Friday, December 3rd at the Ohio Coffee Company

Dayton, OH, 45406
Phone: 937-228-JAVA

This event is sponsored by The Hope Foundation of Greater Dayton

April Mescher

April Mescher

A leader in both the boardroom and the community, April Mescher is an operationally focused executive who has spearheaded many process-improvement and technology initiatives throughout her career. Mescher’s 18 years of industry experience paid off in 2008 when she successfully managed a travel team that moved 30,000 participants to 100 destinations worldwide for fortune 500 clients. She is the Vice President of Travel for Excellence In Motivation, a performance improvement company, as well as the Vice President of Sales and Alliances for, an on-line travel community.

Not only has April managed large travel accounts, but she has been responsible for large call centers, purchasing division’s of EIM, and is now focusing her energy  her passions Travel and Social Media.  She is active in many industry councils and several advisory boards, as well as in her community, she sits on the Hospitality Management Advisory Council at Sinclair Community College, is a member of Leadership Dayton’s class of 2010, Generation Dayton, Business Leaders and Managers of Dayton, was voted one of the region’s Top 40 Executives under 40 for 2009, is a board member for A Kid Again and volunteers time with other local charities.

You can follow her around the globe on Twittter @GoApril or on Facebook at ZipSetGo

Lora Cassano Hammons

Lora Cassano Hammons

Lora Cassano Hammons is part of the third generation of the Cassano Pizza Family. She is passionate about Pizza and started working in the family business at age 12 making dough boxes. She is now in charge of Community Relations which includes community outreach programs and social media. She is the community manager for the Cassanos Pizza Facebook Fan Page which has MORE THAN 4500 fans…quite an accomplishment! She is definitely one to watch when it comes to understanding the flow and logistics of managing an online community!

Her personal slogan when coaching employees is “Remember; It is Pizza, not Rocket Science … Have Fun!”