In Search of SPONSORS!

If you follow @NewMediaDayton on Twitter, you will see frequent mentions of our sponsors.  A sponsorship ranges from $300 to $500. The lower end cost buys the sponsor frequent mentions throughout the month via all social media streams, including high placement on the front page of NMD website. The higher fee is what we charge if there is a contest or live event/party. If you’d like further explanation, send an email to:

We have informal happy hours whenever a sponsor asks to host an event:

1. We would agree upon a date/venue and the NMD team would start posting mentions on Facebook and Twitter to generate excitement among the group.

2. We would agree on a cap of number of people who can come — 20 or 30 people is a good number. We would create an invite via EventBrite (a very cool tool). Having a limit on how many people can show up creates excitement and a desire to be one of the people included.

3. As the host, you would provide finger foods and a drink ticket (one drink is enough to get people to come out). A typical HH event is from 5 to 7.

4. In return, most of these folks (because they are super social media savvy) will check in on foursquare, will post on Facebook and Tweet like crazy which really puts you into the spotlight. For example, some of our NMD members have in excess of 2500 people who follow them (a huge percentage live in Dayton), so when they tweet something and someone else retweets it, the tweet goes viral and the possibility of hundreds/thousands of eyeballs in your geographic area sees mention of your restaurant/bar who might otherwise not have you on their radar.

5. We always show up with a camera, take lots of pics and post on facebook and flickr.

Cost for this event depends on variables. Contact to discuss.