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Sugar and Spice Marketing

Sugar and Spice Social Marketing is the newest sweet spin on taking your business in to the social media markets. We tantalize your fans and followers with delightfully addictive posts and tweets. The platforms we excel at are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our sweetest results take place on platforms that are Business to Customer based. We are Sugar, Spice, and everything nice. Who wouldn’t love that? The website is socialsweets.co and twitter handle is @sugrmarketing.


Sugar and Spice

April Sponsor

Special thanks to our April sponsor, Catapult Creative!

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April Sponsor: Dayton WordPress

This months sponsor is Dayton WordPress. Are you interested in learning more about WordPress? Join us on Thursday, April 11 where  Jonathan Davis, the developer of the popular E-Commerce plugin “Shopp” will be presenting an overview of e-commerce concepts. Learn about issues to be aware of when launching an e-commerce project on WordPress. Topics will include a discussion of payment processor options, merchant accounts, PCI, plugins, a see a quick Shopp demo.


REACHUSA .. Trusted Brands, Engaged Connections.

~ February Sponsor ~

REACH Magazine is Dayton Favorite Coupon magazine. We know this because of a media auditing company called the Media Audit. Here is what they told us about our 260,000 distribution:

Over 305,709 people read REACH Magazine each month
Women – 182,668 of our readers are women
Married – 194,7111 of our readers are married
Parents – 129,219 have kids living at home
Affluent – 137,875 have incomes greater than 50K
74,802 have Household incomes over 75K
Smart Shoppers – 240,909 have used coupons in the past month
Home Owners – 249,156 own their own homes
OnLine Savy – 217,953 have made online purchase in the past year
Active Lifestyle – 235,429 Dine out 3 times per week
SMART PHONE – 135,893 have smart phones (this number has gone up significantly since the results were taken)

Online coupons, weekly thursday coupons email newsletter sign-up at top of page. Also, this is mobile friendly and you can redeem coupons directly from your smart phone if the client has digital coupons on their profile. All of these also have choices for those in Cincinnati area.

Our main web site with client profile pages and digital coupons and Thursday eNewsletter are found at eREACH.com

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