Survival Strategies For Politics and Social Media

We are not going to be diving into your politics, but we will share strategies from the world of politics and social media that you can apply to your business, today! Scott Sliver (@ScottSliver) and Bryan Suddith (@BryanSuddith) will be our speakers, and you don’t want to miss what they have to share!  Sign up today!

April 2017 … no meeting

Due to the holiday weekend schedule there will not be a meeting in April. See everyone on May 12, 2017.

Endless Possibilities: Virtual Reality Immersion


Imagine being surrounded by a new environment of your own creation. Virtual reality enables brands to bring stories to life in 3 dimensions, empowering audiences with interactive, immersive experiences. Learn about emerging fields of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the benefits of different types of content and devices, and find out how brands are crafting experiences that are both creative and effective. See examples of recent VR and AR launches that have achieved real impact for businesses and consumers. You will learn about the future of VR and AR and techniques you can use to adopt these technologies.

Our speaker will be Patrice Hall. Patrice is a project manager at Maxent. Sign up today.


What’s Your Business?

What’s Your Business?
Your Answer Better Include Media Company.

Think you know what business you’re in? You likely define it as insurance, or baking. Maybe it’s manufacturing or health care. But in 2017, you really are in the publishing business. Or should be.

At our February meeting, we’ll take a look at how businesses of all sizes connect with customers by sharing valuable information that’s not a sales pitch but teaches customers about trends and services, and enables them to feel like they are better informed to make decisions for their businesses and personal lives. Businesses increasingly are acting like media companies, creating and publishing content about topics relevant to their communities. Forget about telling people what you have on sale. Instead, help them solve a problem today. We’ll take a look at real examples from businesses that publish magazines, write articles, create infographics and distribute videos.

Our Presenter:

Chris Celek is a marketer who creates content every day for manufacturers and technology companies. Chris is senior writer at gyro, a worldwide business-to-business marketing agency. Based in Cincinnati, Chris produces blogs, magazine stories, social media posts, white papers and video scripts for some of the world’s biggest brands (HPE, SAP, Roche and Canon) along with smaller local and regional businesses. Chris and a team from gyro won the 2016 Silver Addy in the American Advertising Awards for an interactive ebook that explains how and why companies must secure their business records to protect privacy, comply with legal requirements and avoid lawsuits.

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DIY Tips & Strategies to Leverage The Power of Video

Friday, January 13, 2017 at 12:00p – 1:00p

Video has been hot on the internet for some time, but what’a next. What do you need to know when selecting equipment, or when you start shooting video?

Plan to attend the January 13, 2017 New Media Dayton meet-up where Jeff Long of True Focus Media will be talking about trends, DIY tips & strategies to leverage the power of video. Whether you’re creating simple iPhone videos or using Facebook Live and when you should consider producing professional videos. He will also teach simple strategies for creating your own videos, even if you don’t like being comfortable in front of the camera.

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