Recap: What is Blab and Should I Use It?

If you joined us in person or virtually Friday, January 8, you’ll agree that Darla Kirchner, Virtual Marketing and Brand Strategist, delivered a valuable presentation on live streaming. She reviewed Periscope and Blab, tips to getting started on each and conducted a live Blab session so everyone who attended could see Blab in action. You can access her presentation slides here.

Darla (@darla_kirchner) created a “10 Tips for Successful Live Streaming” document you’ll definitely want to download. And forward to others who are just getting started, have talked about live streaming or if you have an idea on how a business could use it. Visit Darla at here and download from there.

Also, the meeting Tweets, Periscope video and “10 Tips for Successful Live Streaming” have been collected and included in this Storify document created by Vicki O’Neill (@vickioneill).

Lastly, be sure to register for the February meeting – What’s New In Tech? with Rick Cartwright and Patrice Hall. It’s a meeting you won’t want to miss!

What’s New In Tech?

FEB 12, 2016:  What’s New In Tech? Rick Cartwright (@rickcartwright) and Patrice Hall (@patricehall) will discuss our ever changing technology landscape including one of the biggest players in 2016, Virtual Reality (VR). They will also review CES 2016 tech, gadgets and predictions. You won’t want to miss this discussion! A great topic to learn, ask questions, engage with speakers and brainstorm with others on how technology can help move the needle with your business.  Business and technology together are evolving and further integrating. So join us in this discussion on a constantly changing environment. Register here!

Agenda for 2016

Last year was a great year for change, evolving our networking to better meet the needs of our target audience and leveraged new technology, such as Periscope, to reach members who weren’t able to attend. New Media Dayton is a great forum to try new technology, collaborate ideas and share information in new ways.

We also took a deeper dive on various topics such as SEO, Facebook, blogging and integrating various media for consistent brand management and monitoring.

This year we will continue to hone in on what New Media Dayton members want to learn, share and engage then deliver what’s most relevant. Take a look at our INITIAL agenda based on what we know right now. We’re thinking ahead while being realistic that what’s available today will change – and we will change as well! If you’d like to keep/download a copy of the agenda, click here.

Agenda Topics for 2016

January            SAVE THE DATE: January 8 @ 12:00
Topic:                  Blab Live Streaming: What is it and should I use it?
Presenter:          Darla Kirchner,, @darla_kirchner
Summary:          Darla will discuss the various live streaming video apps including, how to leverage this new media, trends with live streaming and why it’s important to consider one of these platforms for your business.

February         SAVE THE DATE: February 12
Topic:                  Technology Trends for 2016
Presenter:          Panel including Rick Cartwright, New Media Dayton Board, President
Summary:          Collaborate and share tech trends for 2016 and discuss how new technology
can benefit your business.

March              SAVE THE DATE: March 11
                            Register for SummitUp Dayton on Tuesday, March 3 which will be the New
Media Dayton event this month. Go to New Media Dayton and enter your
name and email to receive event alerts. We just may have a TweetUp or
post SummitUp meeting that you won’t want to miss!

April                 SAVE THE DATE: April 8
Topic:                  Social Media at the organization level
Presenter:          Panel discussion. Are you interested in speaking or have someone you’d
like to recommend as a speaker? Let us know!

May                   SAVE THE DATE: May 13
Topic:                  Setting objectives & ROI for digital media
Presenter:          Looking to expand your speaking engagements? Contact us!

June                 SAVE THE DATE: June 10
Topic:                  How to design for engagement
Presenter:          Panel discussion. We’d like to have a variety of designers in order to
capitalize on the “engagement” and how-to’s. Looking for interested
graphic designers, DIY designers (Canva, PicMonkey, etc.), web
designers, etc. Interested?


August             SAVE THE DATE: August 12
Topic:                 Management tools for efficiency (agile/project management/ time
Presenters:        Want to reach an active and engaged audience? Let us know!

September     SAVE THE DATE September 9
Topic:                 Social Media Faux Pas (Don’t screw up!)
Presenters:        Looking for someone who isn’t afraid to share examples of what NOT
to do. We’d love to have you join us! Interested?

Engagement Throughout the Month

The New Media Dayton team knows that technology and media changes more frequently than our monthly meetings and speaker topics. That’s why we created a monthly Tweet-Up and Networking Happy Hour.

You have THREE ways to stay connected and meet local businesses, media thought leaders and entrepreneurs – all in an effort to support our mantra to learn, share and engage with our community.

Make you follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and stay engaged by showing your expertise – and engaging others.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Social Media Tools

In today’s media environment, there are so many options for brands to consider. Choosing can somewhat be overwhelming because it’s not just the tool of choice, it’s the ease of messaging, management and monitoring.

This month two local social media thought leaders will talk about social media tools, which to use, why and what’s important. Join us on this momentous day – 11/11/11 – for great information exchange by Michelle Ton and Keri Jaehnig while having a little 11/11 fun in the process.

About our speakers
Michelle Ton is a graduate from The Ohio State University. She is the social media and lead nurturing manager for Teradata Corporation. In addition to her marketing role, she lends her free time to being the web development lead for upDayton’s Internship Committee, being a co-host of New Media Dayton’s weekly tweetchat (#NMDChat), and helping run her family’s local nail salon.

Her passion for good food and high fashion are prominent themes in her personal blog at You can also follow her on Twitter @michellenton.

Keri Jaehnig works with small businesses, non-profits, and political candidates to leverage blogs and social media tools to connect with their target audiences. Keri’s forte is engaging followers and establishing relationships that drive revenues. A certified Facebook marketer and certified social media strategist, she has been featured by AOL Small Business. Her clients include international corporations, retailers, financial advisors, real estate developers, political committees, tourism destinations and others. My collaborators are worldwide.

She has a Business Administration degree with additional training in Non-profit Development.  She’s spent 14 years of  connecting people globally. Keri has served as an Executive Board member for her local American Red Cross chapter, and collaborated on several non-profit committees.  At a time when a regional anchor employer discontinued 8,000 jobs in her small town of Wilmington, Ohio, she raised more than $30,000 in 6 weeks for the local family YMCA.  As a candidate for her local Board of Education in 2005, she was the first in her county to use Email Marketing for political campaigning.

You can learn more about Keri by visiting her website: or follow her on Twitter @ideagirlmedia.