Soft Selling Through Storytelling

Humanity has used stories to communicate for over 40,000 years. A great story will hold peoples attention and influence them. In this presentation we will discuss the value of using story in your marketing and how you can use story strategies to reach your business audience.

Darla Kirchner is a brand and marketing strategist for mission driven entrepreneurs and small business owners. With over 25 years experience, Darla guides these conscious companies to align their brand’s purpose and profits so they can make the impact they want in the world.

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Survival Strategies For Politics and Social Media

We are not going to be diving into your politics, but we will share strategies from the world of politics and social media that you can apply to your business, today! Scott Sliver (@ScottSliver) and Bryan Suddith (@BryanSuddith) will be our speakers, and you don’t want to miss what they have to share!  Sign up today!

April 2017 … no meeting

Due to the holiday weekend schedule there will not be a meeting in April. See everyone on May 12, 2017.

Endless Possibilities: Virtual Reality Immersion


Imagine being surrounded by a new environment of your own creation. Virtual reality enables brands to bring stories to life in 3 dimensions, empowering audiences with interactive, immersive experiences. Learn about emerging fields of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the benefits of different types of content and devices, and find out how brands are crafting experiences that are both creative and effective. See examples of recent VR and AR launches that have achieved real impact for businesses and consumers. You will learn about the future of VR and AR and techniques you can use to adopt these technologies.

Our speaker will be Patrice Hall. Patrice is a project manager at Maxent. Sign up today.


Slides from Feb 13, 2017 Event

Please use this link to download the slides from the February 2017 event. Thanks to Jeff Long for a great event, and for making these slides available. Please remember True Focus Media when you need video or media support.

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