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Ghostlight Coffee

Thank you to our sponsor: Ghostlight Coffee. Be sure to watch for details about their upcoming 1 year anniversary! 

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A few notes about Ghostlight, provided by Shane Anderson, the amazing person behind Ghostlight: 

  • We have been open exactly one year.  We quietly opened  for a few hours on November 7, 2011 (without even removing the paper from the windows).  Our first, official 12hrs/day opening was November 14, 2011…so we consider that the date of our anniversary.  We will be celebrating the one year anniversary on FRIDAY, NOV. 16.  We are hosting our “Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting” at 2pm on that day (we never got around to it)….we’ll have coffee tastings throughout the rest of the afternoon.  AfterHours (starting at 7pm) will be a party to celebrate….the party will include bands (The Sama Sama’s and Mike Perkins) and Vinyl spun by DJ King Baby Nuxhall.  There will be free espresso shots and Dancing & Singing Baristas!
  • the word “ghostlight” is a theatrical term.  A ghostlight is a light that is left energized on the stage of a theater when the theater is unoccupied and would otherwise be completely dark. The practical use of a ghostlight is mainly for safety. A ghostlight enables one to navigate the theater to find the lighting control console and to avoid accidents such as falling into the orchestra pit, tripping on set pieces, or stepping on props. Aside from its obvious practical purpose, there are a number of superstitions associated with the origin and purpose of ghostlights…usually to appease the ghosts of the theatre so they won’t interfere in productions.  (Thanks Wikipedia!)
  • WHY did I name it Ghostlight Coffee?  Why not?  It’s a fun word.  I do a little bit of theatre and have hired several actors and designers to work at the coffeehouse….also, from a marketing standpoint:  it’s two words everyone knows, but don’t usually associate with each other, so it makes it somewhat memorable.  Also, people tend to be curious about the word, so they think about it a bit more, more likely to remember it.  I didn’t want a coffee, music or location-specific term, so theatrical terms were next in line for consideration.
  • Ghostlight is about community.  We hope to be thought of as the place to go to meet up with friends, family, coworkers, etc.  We frequently host music and literary events.  We feature a new local artist monthly.  Most of our staff is somehow involved in the creative world (actors, musicians, artists).  It is not uncommon for people to have business meetings in our small space, sliding a couple tables together to gather around.  During the warmer months we feature a “patio” that we carved out of some unused space behind the building.  We have donated to several events and organizations including ARC’s Masquerage and the launch of the new Refuge Church.  We strive to be everybody’s neighborhood coffeehouse….even if you don’t live in the adjacent neighborhood.  
  • We focus on high quality coffees from high quality roasters.  We are proud to offer some of the best coffees in the world, roasted by some roasters with terrific reputations in the coffee industry.  We currently offer coffees from DEEPER ROOTS COFFEE ( our most local roaster, hailing from Cincinnati).  MADCAP COFFEE (Grand Rapids & Washington DC) and HANDSOME COFFEE (Los Angeles). Handsome is owned by the 2010 World Barista Champion.  We are about to start offering coffee from BARISMO COFFEE (Boston), another top notch coffee roaster.
  • We select coffees that are not over-roasted or “flavored” as often featured in gourmet coffee shops.  All of our coffees have flavor profiles, but none have been altered through chemical flavorings.  The roasters very carefully select and roast the coffees to pull out the natural flavors inherent to that specific coffee, as influenced by the terroir, climate, etc.  In recent weeks we have offered a “Cup of Excellence” second place winner (2nd best coffee of Honduras) as well as a Special Reserve coffee from a highly regarded Guatemalan farm (only 200 bags of the coffee exist in the world).
  • While a lot of attention is given to “Fair Trade Coffees,” our roasters work to develop “DIRECT TRADE” relationships with many of the farmers who grow the coffee they select.  For instance, our primary Guatemalan coffee is a result of a direct trade relationship between Deeper Roots Coffee and the small collection of farmers in the La Armonia Hermosa farming community.  Our roaster, Les Stoneham and his staff frequently visit the farmers of La Armonia to help them improve their practices and produce a higher quality coffee. Deeper Roots then purchases the coffee, giving the farmers a higher income than if they sold through brokers other trade.  Through this manner, they farmers are able to provide better for their families, and continue to improve their business.
Ghostlight also offers some truly items in our shop:
  • JO SNOW Syrups….this small Chicago company is awesome! The owner, Melissa, makes flavored syrups by hand, using high quality, all natural ingredients (often purchased at her local farmers market).  She is adventurous with her flavor combinations, allowing us to offer such incredible drinks as FIG VANILLA BLACK PEPPER LATTES and BALSAMIC BLACK WALNUT CAPPUCCINOS!  We were her largest customer, until Crate & Barrell started buying her products!
  • THISTLE CONFECTIONS….again, a great little company owned by a gutsy woman willing to take chances!  Hilary Browning makes an artform out of new recipes for baked goods, granola and the like.  Her Scones, Cookies, Granola & other goodies have proven to be very popular in our shop, and at her Second Street Market shop.
  • JOY BROWNIES…a new product we are featuring is gluten free brownies from this small owner operated business out of Columbus.  These brownies are to die for….and they are GLUTEN FREE!  We ran across this company online, called for a sample and IMMEDIATELY told them we would put in an order!  Unlike many gluten free baked good options, these brownies are very moist and flavorful.  We are currently carrying two varieties…Chocolate Mint and Naughty Dark Chocolate Brownies.  
  • ZANABEL CHOCOLATES and SWEET NOTHING’S TOFFEES.  We stumbled across these two terrific candy makers.  Zanabel offers a Mocha Truffle made with our La Armonia Hermosa Coffee, as well as really delicious Chocolate covered cranberries and mints.  Sweet Nothing’s Toffees are well know from the 2nd Street Public Market, and we are stoked to feature them now at Ghostlight!  Both candy makers are delicious, handmade and LOCAL.

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