New Media Dayton Website Developers

A big thank you goes out to our two website developers who worked on creating the new website.

Jeff Long:

For 10 years Jeff Long has helped people with media marketing.  His goal is “helping you take your message to your market through media”.  His company loves utilizing the web, video, and social media to market, promote, train and inform.   Jeff has been to all 50 States and 5 continents (you could say he loves to travel) but also enjoys just hanging out with his amazing wife and daughter.


Nowell VanHoesen:

Nowell VanHoesen is a web developer living in Dayton Ohio. His primary job with MacAulay-Brown is creating web applications using php and Yii framework. He also freelances through The CreativeFuse Initiative (CFi) developing web applications and client specific WordPress themes and plugins.


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