Dr. Gregory Goffe

“I wanted to sell drugs for a living.  In fact, I worked in pharmacy for 4 1/2 years before switching to the chiropractic profession.  Finally I just couldn’t take it anymore, and I knew that I had to be part of the healthcare solution.”

Dr. Greg Goffe

Dr. Greg Goffe was first exposed to chiropractic at the age of 16, after experiencing a spinal injury.  It was necessary for him to visit his first chiropractor two times a week just to be able to walk.  Eventually his back pain improved, but just as important he realized something far greater about the potential of chiropractic care.  “Through my own experience and the explanations of my chiropractor, I was able to see recovery in other areas of my health,” remembers Dr. Goffe.  “For instance, I used to have incapacitating allergies, but after learning what I now know about chiropractic and nutrition, I haven’t had a prescription for an antihistamine in over 20 years!  This understanding, that chiropractic can actually correct the cause of health problems rather than just covering them up with drugs, is what lead me to my career change in the health sciences,” says Dr. Goffe.

Dr. Goffe began his academic career in Pharmacy at Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio. He finished his undergraduate work in Pre-Med at Wright University in Dayton and was then accepted at the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, the world’s oldest and most respected chiropractic college. The chiropractic curriculum, much like medicine’s curriculum, was focused on the same type of classes that all physicians take including, advanced anatomy, physiology, microbiology, public health, diagnosis and others.  As Dr. Goffe advanced through his studies however, the difference soon became evident.  Where medical doctors learn about drugs and surgery, chiropractic doctors learn about safe and effective adjusting techniques and other natural methods of improving health, like nutritional counseling.

Dr. Goffe graduated Magna Cum Laude with Research Honors in 1992 when he was also designated as a Presidential Scholar.  He has been in continuous private practice in Dayton, Ohio since his graduation in 1992 and is as committed as ever to helping people achieve their optimum expression of life and vitality.  He sees infants through senior citizens in his family practice.

As the official Dayton area representative for the Foundation for Wellness Education, Dr. Goffe takes his knowledge and expertise to the general public so that all may have access to the information they need to make empowering health decisions for themselves and their families.  At the core of his message is the “knowing” that the body is designed to self-heal and self-regulate and when functioning properly will do just that.

Not only is chiropractic about sore backs, necks, wrists, ankles, and knees, the real excitement for Dr. Goffe’s patients & audience comes from learning that healthy lifestyle choices can result in some pretty amazing life changes.  Real life stories inspire and give hope to those that believe their pain, symptoms, and disease must be tolerated or that their healthy future is out of their control, instead totally predetermined by heredity.  Dr. Goffe’s background gives him a unique perspective and base of knowledge from which to draw, as he sees patients and educates Dayton area audiences about health topics such as how the body works, stress and stress management strategies, nutrition, child wellness, the power of the mind in healing, carpal tunnel syndrome, back safety, and many more.

Dr. Goffe and his wife Sue Ann live in Dayton with their two children.  As a family they enjoy time spent with friends at our church, bicycling, fishing, playing games (like tennis or bocce ball), and going to the lake.

Dr. Gregory A. Goffe

“Providing Solutions for Optimal Living”




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