#NMDChat: Personal Branding

If there’s one consistent message that resulted from this week’s #nmdchat it’s “Have fun with it and be true to who you are. Best way to create a personal brand is to be yourself” (@starmoon). That’s the best (and easiest!) branding you can create, maintain and support in any situation.  

A few resonating additional thoughts:  
  1. If you don’t manage your personal brand, someone else will. It’s critical. (@RickCartwright)
  2. Business vs. personal brand: consistency in style is important, only content/message differs. (@vickioneill)
  3. @ScottMonty is the top mentioned “personal brand” by the group (@mikemcmillon)
  4. Integrate offline with online by connecting and being generous. (@RickCartwright)
  5. Most creative personal branding? QR Code Tattoee (@JakeDCrawford)

Most creative responses and take aways from the conversation:

  1. @MNMorgan’s favorite color is a purple-ish brown, not the ugle brown
  2. To the question “Offline what can you do to increase your personal brand?”…. “Hire guys off Vegas strip to pass out and “pop” your business cards to people on the streets of Dayton” (@willmcg32) and “Billboards. Everywhere. J/K” (@GChristDBJ)
  3. A group of personal hashtags are being “owned”: #sitbythisguyatnmdayton, #duh, #justsayin and….#morecowbell 🙂

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