#NMDChat: Networking

Critical to any size and type of business is networking. There is much to know about who, what, where, when, and most importantly: what do I do after the event?

This week’s TweetChat was engaging and we had some humor throughout. I’ve indicated a few “TOP” responses by question that I thought needed special recognition. The completet transcript can be found here. Enjoy!


Q1: What do you classify as Networking?

  • Any type of relationship building via IRL or online (@nathandriver)
  • meeting new professionals in a more casual setting… ? (@willmcg32)
  • Networking is interacting with a group of people with similar interests with intent to build relationships (@vickioneill)
  • Any interaction w/ another person is networking, even if its not in a professional environment. (@markduddridge)
  • Well, it’s not just swapping business cards:). It is about the relationship.  (@RickCartwright)
  • Networking to me is building relationships that may benefit both parties in the future! (sales, partnerships, advice, etc) (@daytonmomspot)
  • Connecting with others in a social environment with intentions of Interacting and engaging afterward in a business sense  (@JakeDCrawford)

Q2: Do you attend netoworking events? how often?

  • As a #sahm, it’s very difficult to attend networking events IRL, so virtual networking & chats such as are VITAL to connecting! (@daytonmomspot)
  • I try and go once a month to physical events.. but its much easier to do the virtual networking (@MichelleNTon)
  • Yes! I don’t put a number on it, but I seem to be at one at least once a month. (@starmoon)
  • Personally, I need to attend more. I would say 2-3 events every other week/month. It depends on the event…same people? (@nathandriver)
  • I try to attend formal events each month, but have lunch, breakfast or other meetings several times / wk (@RickCartwright)
  • I think Networking Events are beneficial for most businesses and would like to see more. (@willmcg32)
  • If we’re talking virtual, I’m networking all day, every day! 🙂 (@starmoon)
  • Yes, I attend #NMDayton monthly meeting and try to get to at least one or two others. #cincysm last night was a good one! (@vickioneill)

 Q3: How many people do you normally meet? How many card do you collect?

  • I collect 3-5 cards a week. Unless its an event..then 3-5 per event. most get a follow up call, email, or social media contact. (@bryansuddith)
  • We need to a speed networking event. Those are really cool. Anyone ever attended one? @KendraRamirez hosted 1st one I attended. (@vickioneill)
  • I try not to worry about collecting biz cards, unless ppl ask for them. Or I see they have REALLY cool cards. Then I want 1! 🙂 (@starmoon)
  • @JakeDCrawford I try to meet at the most 3 new people IRL any more than that and I am just collecting cards (@pickmiketeague)
  • I do meet a lot of ppl tho so it’s nice to collect biz cards 2 be able 2 connect later. Tho ppl immediately find me on Twitter (@starmoon)
  • I meet at least 5 new ppl and talk with everyone I’ve already met. Need to maintain existing while building new relationships. (@vickioneill)
  • I’m just going to buy and wear this to all networking events. http://t.co/48ShGy3 (@willmcg32)  – BEST NETWORKING STRATEGY!

 Q4: Whats a good business card? Take a pic of yours and submit it now

  • Some great media friendly biz cards: http://t.co/ak1cCsT You want to know about someone – google ’em, best business card…ever. (@natedriver)
  • Some @Mashable biz card examples http://t.co/J8cWVHN plus creative designs http://t.co/5w6SogM  (@vickioneill)

 Q5: What do you do to connect after a networking meeting?

  • A5 – Give them a +K on @klout… see how I tied together previous #nmdchat sessions there??(@ggarvin) – MOST RTs!
  • Mention them on Twitter, connect with them on LinkedIn and starting more connections on #Google+ (@vickioneill)
  • I try to send an email / phone call and set-up a small impromptu meeting 1-on-1 to learn more about them and their business (@natedriver)
  • @JakeDCrawford connect on social media somewhere great relationship builder. (@pickmiketeague)
  • Start following on twitter and send a follow up email. Always follow up within 24 hours so they remember you (@JBalloonist)
  • I am sure to thank them on Twitter (recent example was meeting w/ local RE agent @ginakayre) (@daytonmomspot)
  • I usually follow up w/ an e-mail and connect on LinkedIn. Sometimes, I’ll call to set up a mtg./lunch. (@gchristDBJ)

 Q6: What Social Media Platforms do you see as the most effective ways to connect after a Networking event?

  • Definitely twitter and LinkedIn to connect (@natedriver)
  • Most of the networking principles I use are taken from “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi a must read book for business people (@JBalloonist)
  • Twitter for sure. To me, Facebook is a little too “personal”. (@bellorz)
  • LinkedIn and Twitter are top 2 for connecting after a networking event. (@vickioneill)
  • @JakeDCrawford A6 depends on the person you are trying to connect with and the social media platform they prefer.  (@pickmiketeague)
  • Twitter, but I need to useing LinkedIn more (@NowellVanHoesen)
  • LinkedIn…maybe Twitter. (@willmcg32)
  • I use Twitter and Linkedin and I use Facebook if she’s cute (@JakeDCrawford) – BEST RESPONSE!
  • @vickioneill I hate biz cards-going to conferences lately w/goal of just give twitter info verbally & if people find me great (@Mark_Homer)

Q7: What are the best networking places in Dayton?

  • Volunteer events. you already have an interest in common. (@NaggingYetti)
  • Maybe lesser-known joints (i.e. @olivedive) Assumption being if peeps know about those places,they must be into the ntwrk scene (@daytonmomspot)
  • A7b: anywhere they serve #BeerAndFries (@NowellVanHoesen) – BEST USE OF A SUB-RESPONSE and TIE IN WITH ANOTHER HASHTAG!

Q8: Should #nmdayton host a speed networking event? 

  • Speed networking at a go kart place seems like a match #justsaying  (@JakeDCrawford)
  • They did a pretty good speed networking at #nmcincy a couple weeks ago at the Rookwood Pub… went pretty well! (@ggarvin)
  • YES! adding structure helps the networking-challenged + you meet more ppl (@NaggingYetti)
  • Yes! (@daytonmomspot)
  • Rather than a Speed-networking event I would rather have a breakfast club event actually sit down and talk (@JakeDCrawford)
  • @vickioneill The ‘right’ crowd & an ice breaker that made it work! An easy one is ‘How’d you get your name?’ Or “Tell us something no one would guess by looking at you?’ Fast & fun! (@teachpr)

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