#NMDChat Top Responses: Klout

Key take aways from the Klout discussion is that although this is the industry standard for measuring online influence, the modeling is not yet a science. The framework is in place to identify topics of influence however there is a need to refine. On average the participants check their Klout score 3 times a week and use that number to benchmark to the competition, determine content relevancy and influence. While equally important, personal and business Klout scores should be measured differently for these two groups.

Check out some individual responses to each question. The complete transcript can be found here with chat starting on line 49. Enjoy!!

Q1 What does @klout really mean? How do you define it?

  • @klout is about online influence. Depending on how you represent yourself is how you’re classified, ie marketing. It’s also a common measure to benchmark yourself/brand to others/competition. @vickioneill
  • @MichelleNTon I think of @klout sometimes as how active I’ve been with social media. Did I engage enough.  @noudles94
  • A tool to measure social influence online…  @RickCartwright

Q2 How often are you checking your score to measure that influence? And how often should you really?  

  • I check my #klout score every morning. I guess it depends on how concerned you are with it and what you really use it for. @bellorz
  • I check daily, but feel it’s not really doing anything. Haven’t given out Klout+ yet. Can see more w/ new sites being linked. @starmoon
  • I just started using @klout.. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but probably will check it every few days. @gchristDBJ
  • @Klout is a great way to build others up, and let them know about how they have influenced you. #Klout @ScottSliver
  • I have the @Klout add on installed on @FireFox & @rockmelt, so when I’m on @twitter, on my laptop, I have a constant reminder. @markduddridge

Q3: What influences you to check your score and/or increase your @klout score?

  • Probally to show how popular I am its a lil compared to @scottsliver jk – but it shows if and what a person is influential about @JakeDCrawford
  • A good way to measure my efforts .. an I effective with the tools, etc. @klout  @RickCartwright
  • I like to see how I’m improving and seeing what “works” as far as engagement and what I’m influential about @bellorz
  • Didn’t care much abt @klout until @cryderja explained how he uses it to figure out influential people to follow -good strategy @ggarvin
  • Benchmark against online intent to measure what’s working vs not with followers. @vickioneill

Q4 So if Klout isn’t 100% correct about influence, why does #klout matter.. or does it?

  • It’s a rating! And that sometimes is enough of a motivator.  @noudles94
  • It may not be prefect, but it’s directionally correct – and it’s getting better! @RickCartwright
  • It matters because it is the only measurement tool we have for influence and its at least doing a pretty good job @JakeDCrawford
  • I don’t know that @klout score necessarily matters, but it serves as a guide for how to best interact and produce content. @gchristDBJ
  • It helps you to adjust the way you are interacting with your audience @NowellVanHoesen

Q5 How often are you giving out K+?  And what for?  

  • I tend to do one or so a day. I miss here and there. Recognition to folks I think do it right.  @RickCartwright
  • Whenever I check my @klout score, I generally give out at least one klout+ @ggarvin
  • I tend to give #K+ out to people I’m engaged with on that day or week. @willmcg32
  • When ever i remember – klout isn’t to high on my priority list but i do when i can @JakeDCrawford
  • I really don’t use the +K feature, but it’s something I’d like to start doing. @bellorz

 Q6 What impact does combining the 10 networks you can use influence your score?

  • Will be interesting to see how the new channels will affect —>; RT @JakeDCrawford: @ScottSliver love a lil social experiment  @connectyou

Q7 Since we’re talking about +k and influence.. What do you think is a good #klout score??

  • 63 its not to high its not to low, it says im here and im doing something but im approachable too  @JakeDCrawford
  • The @klout score metrics are going to have to settle down before answering that – too many changes going on with random shifts @ggarvin
  • I would like to get into the 80’s. @Scottsliver is around 70… #GottaKeepMyKloutUp @willmcg32

 Q8 Should Klout be as important for biz as it is for personal influence?  

  • Maybe more so, but not I am not sure it can be measured the same way.  @RickCartwright
  • It would give businesses a good measure on their influence among customers and if they use SM right  @JakeDCrawford
  • I believe this needs to build in relevancy. Businesses are just now looking at klout in screening potential employees  @connectyou
  • I think there needs to be a separation of @Klout analytics for biz & personal. How can they be measured on the same scale? For our biz, we pay attention to our speakers & sponsors @klout scores. Try to see who can potentially spread the word about #bdi1! @BDIOnline 

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