#NMDChat Top Responses: What is Local?

These are JUST the highlights of each question. Check out the complete transcript to see the great engagement on a few of these questions. Good learning and interesting perspectives on local. #NMDchat is a great way to learn – quick!

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Q1: What does “Local” mean to you?

  • For businesses, local may or may not have geographic boundaries. For consumers, local does not have boundaries. @vickioneill
  • My location .. and what is nearby (location & context) @RickCartwright
  • To me local is the area I live in, or in a business case, the area I want to market to (doesn’t have to be geographic) @JBalloonist
  • Where I am, and where I am going. More and more biz are becoming “glocal” @CarlaWeisHale
  • To Vicki’s point, “local” will mean different things to diff. biz.  A barber has a smaller area than a car dealer for example  @robbunting
  • To me it would be Dayton and the suburbs of Dayton @vosscaddy

Q2: What’s the value “local” brings to any business?

  • “Value” local brings to any business is a more relevant and targeted message. Higher propensity to convert efforts into sales. @vickioneill
  • Being able to precisely target your advertising & eliminate waste, huge adv. of online and mobile vs. traditional advertising @robbunting
  • I prefer keeping my monies local whenever possible, so I support local biz @CarlaWeisHale
  • Value add is better targeting and being relatable to your customers @MichelleNTon
  • I prefer customer service upmost if a local business serves me well then im loyal if not I look to more corporate based comp. @JakeDCrawford
  • Local can bring more to the game than price..different via services, relationship, etc. @RickCartwright

Q3: What’s the value “local” brings to you?

  • Value local brings to me is it seems personable, biz took effort to understand the “who” and “why” before the “what”@vickioneill
  • For me, it’s relationships and environment / ‘feel good’:) @RickCartwright
  • Local biz has more at stake than chains. “Corporate” can’t come help them out. Thus, better quality/service (usually) @CarlaWeisHale

Q4: Why should all brands – big and small – understand their local market?

  • Each region is different. In US especially, many different subcultures, tastes, preferences from region to region @CarlaWeisHale
  • Same intent but message needs to be conveyed according to the area. “How” to conveny msg to #NYC is a lot diff than Savannah GA @vickioneill
  • Understanding leads to deeper relationships, which leads to deeper loyalty, which leads to more biz @JakeDCrawford
  • It allows the business to interact with their customers on a more personal level, helps to build trust with the community. @bellorz
  • That’s why I love Fairborn local sushi restaurant Saya. They know my name. @betsywoods
  • Marketing w/out understanding your market is like shooting bullets into space. Must gear correct info to the right people @connectyou
  • It also depends on who you are marketing to, consumer or B2B; I think local is important for both, but more for consumer brands @JBalloonist

Q5: What resources are available for researching out “who” your local market is?

  • Tying back to our previous #NMDChat.  I use Yelp, Foursquare to find local places @MichelleNTon
  • Many resources available for general info (emarketer, mashable, mobile marketer, etc.) but for local Kelsey is great. @vickioneill
  • Many, many good resources in #Dayton region, and a lot are free/inexpensive too. @CarlaWeisHale
  • The US Census Bureau will give you general demographic info based on your area, here’s  #dayton http://t.co/M4FbEgH @bellorz
  • Offline – Chamber, community orgs Online: Website analytics, twitter search, 4sq, FB & Google places – check competition @connectyou

Q6: Does your mobile device reflect “local”? If so, how?

  • It seems easier for #mobile devices to reflect local in a metropolitan area. In my small town, it does not  @connectyou
  • Mostly. #4sq, #Yelp, nearby tweets, local #fb friends, weather, yes. I like industry news, so not “local”. Too depressing.  @vickioneill
  • I selectively use location tracking on my iphone, mostly for checking in at clients properties @DigitalKaitlyn
  • It is going to take a bit more time before local businesses are responding; not all owners are geeks like us @JBalloonist

Q7: Which national brand does an outstanding job of local advertising?

  • @McDonalds does a great job localizing menu items. @vickioneill (Not a popular question)

Q8: What local brand does a fantastic job at knowing their local market?

  • Gonna have to say Heather’s Coffee in Springboro again! They just got it goin on! @vickioneill (not popular either)

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