About Comtactics

ComtacticsComtactics is a multi-platform communications company that focuses on helping clients communicate with their target audience by using traditional methods as well as emerging media tactics via the Internet and on mobile devices.

Comtactics specializes in mobile and web-based application development.  They work with clients to create interactive marketing campaigns that enable them to effectively reach their customers using a special mix technology and innovation.  They also create custom tools that provide businesses the power to track their ROI so clients may obtain the data they need to create and maintain a dynamic and effective offline and online marketing campaigns.

This husband and wife team believes that it takes a delicate balance of innovation, technology, and passion to be a leader and to make an idea come to life.  This is what drives them to create dynamic, interactive projects such as the fast growing SCANVenger Hunt game and mobile marketing platform.

Visit their website or scan the QR Code to access the page with SCANvenger videos. Very cool!

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