#NMDchat Top Responses: Google+ vs. Facebook

New Media Dayton held the 2nd #NMDchat with engagement focused on Google+ vs. Facebook. The outcome of this topic was G+ is still so new that not many have joined or spend much time test driving the FB competitor.

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Q1. Why did you want to start using Google+?

  • I wanted to get familiar with the newest social networking site. I was a little reluctant to learn a new one at first. @vosscaddy
  • All the cools kids were doing it, and I wanted to check out the hype @NowellVanHoesen
  • I like the idea for early adopters. These are the people that will utilize it for the real potential. @Joe19G27

 Q2.  What’s your primary use for G+? (games, hangouts, content sharing..)

  • Hangouts are cool. My primary use is content sharing. Most of my circles consist of who I follow on Twitter. @willmcg32
  • Networking and content sharing and ability to share content with different groups where appropriate. love the circle idea. @vosscaddy
  • I know it’s coming, but it would not upset me if games NEVER make it to G+. Love hangouts. @RickCartwright
  • Learning what the capabilities are and how they can make life/business better @NowellVanHoesen

Q3. Is your use of #Google+ different than #facebook?

  • Yes for me. FB is now my friends and family. G+ is my professional arena. @willmcg32
  • Yes, for me, FB is where I connect with “close” friends, Twitter is more “professional”, and G+ is starting to mix the two. @bellorz
  • Little bit I’ve used it some same, some different @Brad_Lovett

Q4. Do you think there are perceived “circle” trust issues?  I’m thinking along the lines of “meet the fockers.” Am I in your circle? Are you in mine? Are they the same level of recognition?

  • I don’t have any concerns about “circle” trust issues. I don’t think I have optimized my use of circles.  G+ Privacy: I tend to be very public & not uptight about it. I think google has done much better this time (vs. buzz launch) @RickCartwright
  • Not yet. Not adding anyone I don’t yet @Brad_Lovett
  • I don’t think so, I’m a lot like @RickCartwright, I haven’t really optimized the feature yet. @bellorz
  • It seems to me there always is a huge privacy discussion surrounding #facebook.  Why not apply that to any other social network? @MichelleNTon

Q5. Biz profiles are not allowed on #g+.  Are there any benefits for biz at all, or should they stick to FB? 

  • For now, I don’t think there is a benefit for a biz to be on G+. the general consumer isn’t on there like they are on FB @willmcg32
  • Biz will benefit in depending on how they use G+ to connect @NowellVanHoesen
  • There will be biz profiles, but for now, I don’t see a big reason for business. Are your customers on G+? If not, don’t go @Brad_Lovett

Q6.  If there are no real benefits right now, should companies still keep watch on Google+? And what should they be watching for?

  • Yes! 1) Business accounts and advertising will some to G+ (darn). 2) content will be indexed / searchable (value).  @RickCartwright
  • Having the power to segment your customers in to circles will be huge. There is so much that can be done with that @bellorz
  • Being able to send a targeted message to an individual circle will be a huge plus for biz’s. No more generalized messages. @bellorz (that’s right – he got 2 mentions on this one! J)

Q7. Is there room for G+ in the digital world (personal or biz)? How will the diff platforms evolve and survive?

  • Its gonna be hard to pull the non-techys over to G+, people dont care enough to switch they have everything they want on FB  @JakeDCrawford
  • I don’t see it as a zero sum game .. networks have unique DNA and community. Short term, little impact.  @RickCartwright
  • G+ isn’t going anywhere. I don’t think FB is either. Twitter might be at risk though. My $.02 @MichelleNTon @willmcg32
  • I’d like to see G+ become the “new” FB 4 personal & business use. Circles are key. unless FB adds circles then who wins? @vosscaddy
  • Exactly! RT @mikestenger Like a segmented email list, just more social. @bellorz

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