#NMDChat Top Responses: Location Services

New Media Dayton held the first of many weekly Tweet chats. Our first topic was Location Services such as Foursquare, Gowalla, SCVNGR, Facebook Places, etc. The majority of those actively involved in the discussion prefer Foursquare over the others however there were some uses of other apps. Check out the below that highlights responses for each of the four questions:

Q1. What’s your favorite location base service and why?

  • I’m huge on @foursquare. Love me some mayorships and badges!  @MichelleNTon
  • @FourSquare no doubt #4sq is not perfect but seems to making lots of upgrades and I love my Syracuse 44 badge! @ggarvin
  • I like using FourSquare, but I like using check-in w/ Facebook. Much easier to tag people ie almost everyone has fb @dhartzler10
  • I prefer @FourSquare since they’ve made updates/changes.  Wish Facebook’s #geolocation options were better, I like tagging ppl @lmbryant
  • I’ve used @Gowalla for some time now. @shanadouglas

Q2. Why do you think smart phone users aren’t using these apps?

  • I don’t use the apps simply because I don’t have enough time to add one more thing to my already-full plate. @MindyC7609
  • My battery does okay with the GPS, but the app has some freezing issues for my old schoole #blackberry @MichelleNTon
  • There’s a limit on how much people want their lives tracked, ; “I checked in at Starbucks” isn’t interesting @Brad_Lovett
  • I would say memory &/or battery use. Also the idea that someone might use a posting to stalk or burgle a user.  @markduddridge
  • Privacy, some people don’t like to broadcast their every move @NowellVanHoesen

Q3. What’s the best use for location based social networks?

  • Using “check in” specials as a way to attract customers to your business.  @bellorz
  • I think it’s about discovering new places and getting the tips from others.  @MichelleNTon
  • Whoever wins this #location game will be who can capture the attention of “normal” users – we are not the norm. @carlaweishale
  • It’s not to be a stalker! lol jk Best use is immediate reach for on-demand deal redemption (when available). @vickioneill

Q4. How often do you receive some sort of incentive from a checkin? Then how often do you redeem it?

  • I have never earned a loyalty #4sq perk. Received a discount as a #mayor once. @bryansuddith
  • Frequently, but too many cheap trinkets to bother @mcdougallmarcom
  • @RadioShack offers good checkin discounts @eebrockman
  • Don’t recall earning, let alone redeeming, a #4sq perk. Would definitely redeem 1; unsure I’d go out of my way to earn 1 tho’. @markduddridge
  • Some #4sq users are all about using it to find deals, others only use it as a game against their friends to collect points. @bellorz

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Our topic 7/28/11: Google+ vs. Facebook.

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