Vicki O’Neill

Vicki O'Neill

Vicki O'Neill

Vicki currently holds a position as New Business Director at Berry Network ad agency. In her previous position as Marketing Manager at Dealer Specialties (automotive industry) she spent four years managing all aspects of company branding. Prior to that and where most of her experience and education resulted was during her tenure (11 years) at The Berry Company where she started as an intern and worked her way through the print and online marketing department earning various leadership positions.

Through 16 years of marketing, Vicki has learned that the multi-faceted and quickly evolving digital world requires being a student by nature, engaging with others in various forms of media and events, strategic thinking and evaluating the “what” to determine the “how” and communicate the “why”. Perhaps this is the reason she chose a different path in graduating with honors with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sales/Marketing. She was waiting for her greatest time management challenge of balancing full time work, accelerated online degree program with DeVry University and managing a family with two small children. She finds the most engaging conversations are those which provide diversity with people, conversations and ideas and where the most value and insight results.

Vicki’s greatest indulgence outside of strategic brainstorming, digital media and connecting with people, is spending time with her two beautiful, intelligent and talented daughters (12 and 10). She also enjoys reading thought provoking books that generate intellectual conversations. A relaxing way to spend time (when she makes the time!) is watching movies and hanging out with family and friends. Balancing life’s challenges and rewards are welcome with open arms and, to Vicki, is a known predecessor to success.

To connect with Vicki, visit her website and blog at http://www.vickioneill.comand Her Twitter handle is  @vickioneill.


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