Isken Cosip

Isken Cosip

I•sken Co•sip

[ay-khun koh-sip]

1. graphic designer/illustrator in the Dayton area.
2. singer/songwriter as well as guitarist in the pop genre.
3. all around creative, and a happy individual.

odd; creative; filipino; I can (capable of doing anything);

-origin and history
1988. Isken realized his talents at a young age. He has been a visual artist since the 4th grade and continued to develop his technique all the way through his adult life. As a School of Advertising Art graduate class of 2008, he acquired skills that would eventually lead him to become a Graphic designer, both print and web. Other than computer graphics, Isken is also proficient in traditional arts that he incorporates in his projects. He has been the head designer of Woodburn Press since January, 2009. He is also a singer / songwriter with a profound background in pop. Once a heavy metal musician, he has now expanded his taste in different genres of music. He has performed as the lead vocalist of the band NEVER7 at different venues around Dayton, and is now working on his solo project. Isken’s music can be described as feel-good, soulful, acoustic music with emphasis on lyrics and emotion.


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