Shaun Worcester

Shaun Worcester

Shaun Worcester is the senior webologist for Design Chemistry, which is a fancy way of saying that he spends a lot of time looking at code. He has a bachelor’s degree in business (dual major of marketing and management) and after spending time in retail management, food service and other odds and ends, he found taught himself some basic website skills at home with some books, and has been doing it professionally since 2001.

He has worked for a couple agencies in Dayton before coming to Design Chemistry, and has worked with several others in some type of collaboration over the years. He has been passionate about making new connections via social media for the last couple years, and has made some great friendships and alliances via the web thanks to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Shaun holds a Masters Degree with a concentration in MIS, and currently oversees several of the company’s projects and bigger clients. He is active in prospecting and generating proposals for new business, and tries to contribute something to the community every day and engage others via social media.

When he’s not sitting in front of the computer, Shaun enjoys running, reading, going to cultural events, and preparing for a house full of kids in the years ahead with his wife. After missing the last couple years, Shaun plans to run the Flying Pig marathon again in May ’11 and is very active in his church.

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