The Hope Foundation of Greater Dayton – November Sponsor!

We are thrilled to feature our November sponsor — The Hope Foundation of Greater Dayton! Scott Sliver, Hope’s Executive Director, will give a brief overview at the November 12th New Media Dayton meetup.

The Hope Foundation of Greater Dayton primarily functions as a “mobile food pantry” simply providing food to those in need. Hope is a member of The Foodbank in Dayton, Ohio. They provide nine meals to each household on a monthly basis. Items typically include whole frozen chicken, Black Angus beef, frozen ground turkey, ham, peanut butter, jelly, stews, soups, pastas, rice, beans, fruits, vegetables, cereal, juice and milk…helping families meet basic nutritional needs.

The Hope Foundation of Greater Dayton operates in Greene and Montgomery Counties in Ohio. While The Hope Foundation is a fairly new organization (just over one year old), they had a very successful first year. By being a member of The Foodbank (paying a $.04-per-pound membership fee) they are able to afford large quantities of food. Each month they pick up, bag and distribute more than TEN TONS of food to 600 households right here in the Miami Valley!

For more information, to donate, or to volunteer contact Scott Sliver at 937.329.6552 or email scott.sliver at hopeofdayton dot com (spelled out to scare away spam bots).


  1. I am a pround sponsor of the Hope Foundation of Greater Dayton. Scott Sliver does a wonderful job as our executive director. I have seen many families receive food and encourgement on a monthly basis. I would suggest that any small bussinesses in the Miami Valley help support this cause.

    Dan Kelley, President
    Z-Best Pest Control, Inc.

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