Leah Moon

Leah Moon

I’m an ’08 grad of Ohio University. I love Cleveland sports, coffee and organization. My interest in social media began when a good friend introduced me to Twitter. At the time I was on the fence about it, but have found it to be useful in my professional and personal life (I was an original attendee of the Tribe Social Deck!). My favorite thing about Twitter is connecting with people across the world who understand it and love it for the same reasons as I do. It’s an especially cool experience meeting these people in real life.

I spent some time after college in New York where I got my first exposure to SEO and helped educate the agency where I interned on social media. I was a part of the social media committee where we introduced how it could be used for business. Last year, I moved to DC to work in digital PR helping science, medical and health clients on their digital initiatives. I led my team on our client’s social media efforts, establishing their brand on Twitter and helping them become a leader in the industry. Currently, I am the social media specialist at Universal 1 Credit Union. I advise the company on social media policy and operations and create, plan and implement all of their social media campaigns.

I’ve lived in the Dayton area my whole life, but am rediscovering its hidden gems. I am a member of Generation Dayton, a group for young professionals in the Dayton area and the PRSA Dayton chapter. I help Generation Dayton with its marketing efforts and serve on the Executive Committee of the New Professionals section of PRSA.

For random thoughts that range from sports, music, social media, TV and movies, follow me on Twitter @starmoon or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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