Cynthia DeVelvis – Production Specialist – The Media Group @ Michael’s

Cynthia DeVelvis - Production Specialist - The Media Group @ Michael's

I moved to Dayton from northwest Ohio in 2001 to attend Wright State University and I have stuck around since graduating in 2006 (B.A. Mass Communication). I love Dayton, and can’t imagine settling in any other place. I recently moved downtown to the South Park Historic District and enjoy exploring everything this city has to offer.

After earning various production credits including PBS, Fox Sports Ohio, Dayton Dragons, UD Basketball and (former) Dayton Bombers hockey, I find myself as a production specialist at the Media Group @ Michael’s. My job duties vary daily – some days I’m a videographer and editor, other days I’m writing blog posts and optimizing Michael’s Salon’s website. I dabble in graphic design and photography, and of course social media! I consider myself a Creative Technology Communicator, meaning I use technology to communicate in creative ways. At the Media Group Kim Ash (Project Manager) and I work together to create effective marketing solutions for our clients. It’s a constant challenge to keep up with changing technologies and trends, but this is the task that I enjoy the most. I love connecting with others and sharing ideas, which is why I enjoy being a part of New Media Dayton! — @CynthiaDeVelvis

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