Atomic Interactive Sponsors Sept Meetup!

Atomic Interactive

Nearly four years ago, Atomic Interactive was born out of the minds of founders and owners Ryan McCoy and Ian Lawson. Ian and Ryan became friends while studying and teaching web design and development at the local School of Advertising Art. The two friends quickly realized that combining their talents and collaborating to create an interactive design company could be a worthwhile endeavor; in the time since, their suspicions have been confirmed.

In little more than three and a half years, Atomic has transformed from a two man operation into the largest solely interactive design company in all of Dayton. Now with a new office large enough to comfortably fit its twelve employees, Atomic is looking forward to continued expansion. Atomic’s ability to satisfy their customer’s needs by blending web design, development and marketing together distinguishes them as a full-service design studio and also gives the company confidence that it will be able to see consistent growth moving forward.

Although Atomic is very happy to have a number of respected clients all over the country and world, they are especially proud of their impressive collection of Dayton-based clients, including The Victoria Theatre Association, The Public Health Department of Dayton & Montgomery County, Dayton Opera, and Wright Dunbar, Inc.

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