New Media Dayton Presents: #ThinkItForward Road Trip – The Next Generation in Web Business Tools

New Media Dayton Presents: #ThinkItForward
This is NMD’s Fall kick-off get together! Thank you to Atomic Interactive for sponsoring the event!

It’s time for another MindActive “Think It Forward” seminar! This time the team is taking a road trip to DAYTON, OHIO for #ThinkItForward – The next generation in web business tools. This jam-packed, one-hour session is an overview of current online business tools and we’ll also peek around the corner at some coming trends to watch.
Think It Forward – the next generation in web business tools
Where: Dayton OH
When: Sept 10, 2010
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. EST
Address: FHCC Media Center (second floor) 5800 Clyo Road 
Dayton, Ohio 45459


•Getting the best out of Google Voice

•Twitter and Facebook (quick overview & some best practices)

• Email marketing (and maybe some things you shouldn’t do)

• What about mobile devices?

• Media, media, media – give the people what they want!

• Tools to manage & publish video from your website

• How to deliver an online live video program

• Install an online store to sell your own content

• How to use video email to do “virtual face time”

CONTACT:  Duane Myers


TWITTER:  @preppydude

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