Recap: What is Blab and Should I Use It?

If you joined us in person or virtually Friday, January 8, you’ll agree that Darla Kirchner, Virtual Marketing and Brand Strategist, delivered a valuable presentation on live streaming. She reviewed Periscope and Blab, tips to getting started on each and conducted a live Blab session so everyone who attended could see Blab in action. You can access her presentation slides here.

Darla (@darla_kirchner) created a “10 Tips for Successful Live Streaming” document you’ll definitely want to download. And forward to others who are just getting started, have talked about live streaming or if you have an idea on how a business could use it. Visit Darla at here and download from there.

Also, the meeting Tweets, Periscope video and “10 Tips for Successful Live Streaming” have been collected and included in this Storify document created by Vicki O’Neill (@vickioneill).

Lastly, be sure to register for the February meeting – What’s New In Tech? with Rick Cartwright and Patrice Hall. It’s a meeting you won’t want to miss!

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