Visual Social Media For Building Your Business & Brand

Social marketing is constantly changing and evolving, and the latest trend of visual marketing is transforming the way businesses market online. Visual social marketing is driving traffic, awareness and sales for businesses — you can’t afford to miss out! This presentation will show you how visuals are changing the game with online marketing and how you can get results by harnessing the power of visuals. Learn how visuals can increase traffic to your website and how to optimize your site for visual social sharing. Discover how visuals are changing the game for social networks like Facebook, Linked and Twitter. Understand the huge marketing potential of visual marketing sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and YouTube.  Learn how to engage customers and grow attention for your business with visuals.

Our gest speaker will be  Krista Neher. Krista is a dynamic professional speaker who leaves audiences engaged and excited. When it comes to visual social marketing, Krista is a leading authority. She published the bestselling Visual Social Media Marketing book in early 2013 and is currently writing Visual Social Marketing for Dummies.

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