Battle Of The Social Networks: Where To Invest Your Time

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ …. so many choices, so little time. Did I mention

Confused? Attend the June 14 New Media Dayton 2nd Friday event where we will try to clear the fog and engage in a discussion about the attributes of each of the major social platforms, and why you should consider each of them for YOUR business.  

Sign up today to reserve your spot … we want to hear your voice, and answer your questions. 


~ The Panel ~


Representing Google+, Nathan Driver (@NateDriver)

Representing Twitter, Jim McKinney (@PLMJim)

Representing Facebook, Scott Sliver (@ScottSliver)

Representing Instagram, Noah Fogg (@noahrfogg)

Representing LinkedIn, Carlos ‘Mr. Leads’ Scarpero (

Representing Pinterest: Nicole Nett (@Nikkisayswhat)

Representing ‘reality’ and other networks: Carla Weis Hale (@carlaweishale)

The facilitator will be Bryan Suddith (@bryansuddith)


Sign up today .. this is going to be educational, and loads of fun!


Sponsor to be announced!! 

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