May 10 Meet-up: The Paperless Office: Making Myth A Reality

You have filed your taxes, but the paperwork keeps coming. Every day, you handle volumes of forms, letters, invoices … paper everywhere. There is a shift to a paperless workplace happening right before your eyes. Some of the same technology that is making social media work, is allowing new tools for simplifying and streamlining the workplace and potentially YOUR workflow.

On Friday, May 10, we will follow-up on our time managment discussion from last month and dive into the paperless workflows, and how you can streamline your office. This is a myth that can become a reality for you. Come on out and listen toRick Cartwright(@rickcartwright) and Mike Teague (@pickmiketeague) share tips, tools and workflows for the paperless office. Mike is the tech behind Cake, Hope and LoveSugar And Spice Social Marketing, and a driving force atA-Kid-Again. Rick is the guy behind New Media Dayton (with a lot of help) and a geek that practices paperless workflows. He is involved in a number of start-ups and non-profits.

PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW LOCATION: Event Connections, 4140 Linden Ave. and our NEW TIME: 10:30A – 11:30A

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